I am a full time mom and haven’t found balance yet. So somewhere in between running my business, and my household and loving, playing, laughing and crying with my son, I create.

I have changed the famous quote ‘I think therefore I am’ to I THINK THEREFORE I AM NOT

In thinking we stop being present and in the now….

A lot of the time I am gurgling and giggling and rolling on the floor so as a result my creativity is egged on and often fills me up to spilling over and this is part of an attempt to give expression to and empty my thoughts on any subject so I can be EMPTY.   I hope not to fill you up but maybe inspire you to pathways toward emptying…


I am inspired to create through yoga via sequencing and verbal dialogue that for me is poetry in motion, and this blog and art.

Though I write in the first person, not all of it is about me… it seems my pencil flows easier in the first person.

This stuff right here however is definitely all about me.

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